Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Job!!!

Well I have a new job, not leaving my other one but I will be doing it less to keep from losing my mind as it were. But my other job is funny enough getting paid to do something that we all probably do on a daily basis.

I get paid to watch Porn movies, thats right those dirty movies and then make a title up for them and upload them to a porn site for users viewing pleasure!!! How cool is that?! Very thats how!!!

Any way so today I have something a bit different. I figured I would play a video of an actual artist and try to match it with an AMV to see which does the song better justice. Weird I know but hey I am in a good mood at the moment, especially since the soul sucking job just sent me a project to do, even though I told them fuckers that I would not be available till MONDAY!!! And they are giving me something to do on SUNDAY!! We are in the same time zone so its not like thats the issue. But I saw the email looked over the project, saw the time and was like, 'FUCK IT!'.

I need the money but I don't need the money bad enough to kill my passion for writing. Fuck if I will let that happen!

Anyway here is the real video

And then here is the AMV

Which is better?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Break time!!

So after working nearly consistently for 2 weeks, I just about wore myself out and began to hate writing so I took a break. Also trying to find a better paying job for
I feel and know that they are short changing me but given how I need the money there is little that I can do. Hopefully they won't fire me for taking this break from them but yeah I was not about to lose my love of writing for the peanuts they were paying me.

Either way. Got some Queen for you today. Hope you all enjoy. I am very excited to see what has been going on in your lives why I was a slave to the job world.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This is so FUNNY but so very WRONG!!

content may offend so you have been warned