Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Linkin Park

Well I missed the whole posting once a day thing by one minute. Curse you RockBand for being so much fun to play! But anyway since Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands, with lyrics that go very well with many different animes I think that I will spend the next day or two on them if people don't mind? Probably try to incorporate them with some of the other suggestions/requests to see what I can find out there in the Internet world.

Ok going to start you guys off with an awesome AMV done by eyeofoblivion who uses the linkin park song New Divide syncing it rather well to the movie Final Fantasy Advent Children. I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did.

The next AMV that I bring to you is one done by EricByakugan who uses fight scene from Naruto syncing it up rather well to Linkin Park's In the End. The words and emotion of the song work perfectly for the scene that is played out and I think you will all agree with me there once you see the video. So please watch and enjoy.

Linkin Park Time

Ok so I am going to squeeze this one in for the day and hopefully make it before it changes to the first if not well then all well.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

F*** You!

So I was trying to find something about the whole F U and leave me alone type thing that someone requested and came across this rather catchy little song done to some funny anime clips. So here you all go watch and enjoy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Something I found and wanted to share

Found this AMV while searching for some Ninja scroll ones and well it was just cool, plus I had not heard the song before so I thought I would share it with you guys.

More Ninja Scroll and Robzombie

Now these are just going to be videos of either Ninja Scroll or just Robzombie not them together.

First video I love the song. System of the Down is beyond awesome and cut to Ninja Scroll its just epic. Video created by someone from

Next Video is done using Hellsing and Rob zombie's- Meet the Creeper made by: Supasaiyan4Vegito

Ninja Scroll and robzombie

Well next on the list of AMV's to find and show to you are those containing RobZombie and Ninja scroll. Taking the advice of a fellow blogger and follower I will post only two now in this entry and then more in another entry. Keep those browsers from slowing down too much. Warning as usual these videos are rather graphic.

This first one that I am about to show you is pretty good the ainme and the music sync up very well and makes for a very enjoyable video to watch.

Next video is also good with a bit of nudity thrown in there to spice it ;) So please enjoy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weird Al Time!

I actually was not sure just how many I would find when I got this request, but turns out I was pleasantly surprised by the videos that I found. These are only a few of the good ones and there were enough of them that I can see myself showing more of them, especially if these go over well. SO once again for your viewing pleasure Weird Al AMVs!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blood and Gore

Well I decided to just start from the top of the list and work my way down. So here are a few Bloody and Gory AMVs for your enjoyment. Warning the videos that you are about to see are VERY Graphic in nature.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Suggestions and Requests

So for tomorrow I would like to see if there were any requests for the AMV's that I bring to you tomorrow. Be it for a particular Anime, music type, particular artist or perhaps even a certain emotion. Post your requests here and I will do my best to satisfy my loyal followers.

And just because

This is not an AMV but hell I wanted to share it so here it is

Evangelion Awesomeness

Well because I was so disappointed in my earlier post I decided to make a second post and well I have brought to you all probably one of the best AMV's ever done! Using one of the best Animes out there along with a most awesome legendary band! This AMV scores off the charts with some crazy number like 1 million stars and even then I am under rating it. So please enjoy!

Chevelle AMV's

Well since I love Chevelle I thought I would try and find a couple of good AMV's about there that were made to their music.

First one is to the anime Evangelion, which was and still is a very popular anime. The anime and AMV I am about to show you is rather graphic so be warned. The scenes are good and sync up fairly well with the song, audio is on point and overall I give this a 3 out of 5 just because a few of the scenes seemed to be filler more then going with the song. Still it is the creators first  (IDRxDoMiNo) AMV and for what it is it is good.

Next on the list is an amv using the anime Inuyasha. Took me a lot of hunting to find another good one to Chevelle music so this is probably going to be the last one for this particular theme today. Since I am not too happy with my searching I am sure to be making another post later today. Anyway watch and enjoy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A bit of something Extra

Once again I am here to bring to you yet another video which shows off the art, well what I take to be an art, that is creating an AMV. Now those of you who have been following me for a bit now may have noticed that I have yet to show you anything that was bad. Ok yes, but never bad and well I suppose that I should show you something that was a bad example so that you have a means with which to judge for yourself the AMVs that I have been posting. A quick defination of what an AMV is as this is relevant to the rest of my post.

AMV - Stands for 'Anime Music Video', an unofficial music video to a popular song created by budding video editors from clips of anime films and series.  AMV creators use the song and anime without permission but it is generally turned a blind eye to.  There are often AMV competitions at conventions, and AMV creators take them very seriously (Definition provided by Animetion's Glossary)

Well first off this AMV is done to Lady Gaga who we all love to hate, since she is a sell out whore who tries to pretend to be something that she is not. People  over play her music to death and make me want to smash whatever is playing it at the time. More then once our roommates laptop and MP3 player was almost the victim of my rage for this woman. Anyway back on topic..

Not only does the song grate on the nerves but I would not even classify it as an AMV. Yes there are clips of some random anime thrown in there, but a good chunk of it is clips from what looks to be like some kind of festival/concert thing. And its not even clips of like hot girls or something, which would save any bad video, no the clips are like of kids dancing and old people. Granted kids dancing is cute but really has no purpose in what is suppose to be an AMV, I mean there was even a clip of some drunk fat guys dancing. Yet again I will reiterate there were no HOT girls. 

Now the bit of anime clips that they did incorporate were either some shameless anime smut, which from time to time I do enjoy but then there was this like tween prepubescent pedo anime. Sorry when I am looking for some anime girl I want them with the bouncing boobs on an adult or at least late teen body. Not some ten year old! To make it even worst the clips that were used really were pointless to the point where they could have been left out completely and then it would have just been some video of a concert thing. 

So without much more to say here is this video created by jeaniederange which I give a 0 out of five.  

Now for something that I think deserves a 5 out of 5 but will only be getting a 4 out of 5 because it was short and I wanted more. 

Now for the review, the song choice with the anime scenes was perfect. Not only that but the added effects truly shows the skill of the creator without making it look annoying or just over done. The scenes sync perfectly with the music, truly conveying the emotion that song portrays to the point where you want more when its over. You want to see how the rest of it would turn out with the rest of the song! Now I know some of you don't like Sailor Moon, but Sailor Moon to Chevelle  is fucking awesome! So I bring to you an awesome video done by the talented xKaosu.

Ok now the something extra. An AMV that my husband and I searched the entire web that would just suit the song perfectly. It has my favorite feature which is the sexy, fun dancing and bouncing anime girls. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have. I will admit the audio is not the best but hey watch them girls dance! :P

And because I love you all so much I wanted to add that bit more in there ;)

Hope you will enjoy and continue to follow and support. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So last night was a long and emotional night and so I decided to see if I could find an AMV that captured how I was and am still feeling. Now this person got a bit of flack for the comments on how there are a bunch of bad AMVs on Youtube and how this is not really an AMV as just them playing an episode with new music. I disagree, though they could have chosen their own personal comments to themselves, still their work is very good and worthy of recognition. This is an AMV using the awesome anime Cowboy Bebop to the song "Maybe I'm just Tired" by a band called Tall as Lions, creator jbc429. My first time hearing them and I must say I will be looking into more of their music. Watch and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For my Bunny

As most people may or may not know in the anime series Sailor Moon her name in Japan was Bunny and well like most things that come to the states it was horribly edited and changed to fit our crappy censorship standards and what not. Regardless I have found an AMV that I wish to dedicate to my Bunny, she knows who she is and I hope she enjoys it. The quality is not the best but its still good, with the scenes matching up well with the song choice. Hope you all enjoy and that my Bunny will continue to meet me half way...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two for the price of one

Well I figured I would try and give y'all something a bit more to chew on today. Not like it matters really since only two people are commenting on my posts, but hey I enjoy them so here it goes. First up is an AMV done to the most excellent song 'Airplanes' by B.O.B ft Hailey, done to the epic game series of Kingdom Hearts. Right off the bat the artist syncs up the opening lyrics to a beautiful scene in which the characters are holding stars that then shoot off into the sky. From there it a a progressive series of scenes that build on the lyrics and the message of the song. To be honest there was not a better anime or game to pick for this song given Kingdom Hearts setting in a fantasy dream like world, filled of the hopes, dreams and adventures of one boy and his friends.  

Next on our line up is a song by the fast becoming infamous Lady GaGa, who was cool when she started but to me is just selling out to get more fans. Still she knows music or at least whoever is writing for her knows music so we are gifted with this AMV to her song Alejandro (which to me is just a rip off of Madonna's San Pedro but again it is a good song). Anyway I found this AMV that is pretty good, its a bit choppy in places without being really seamless in its transitions but it does match the song pretty well and so deserves a 3 out of 5 stars. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dancing Queen

Well I promised you all another Blog yesterday, but I got caught up in some stuff so to make up for it I am posting a very awesome AMV that was personally made for my husband by a close friend of ours. When watching this AMV take note that she only using the one anime (Princess Tutu), which one would probably never associate with the ABBA song Dancing Queen. However notice how well the scenes in the anime sync up with the lyrics even going so far as to convey that bit of emotion. That sense of carefree, rebellion and the need to just get out there and dance! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Buckle your seat belts!

Well hello all you people out there in the internet world! This is my first official Blog post to the restarting of my Blog. Going in a different direction this time and focusing on something that has become a bit of a obsession with me. AMVs or animated music videos for those of you out there who did not know what that stood for. But yes AMV's and all of their animated goodness shall be the focus of my blog, where I will search the net find some totally awesome ones and even some not so awesome ones and give my critique of them.

Bare in mind all you people out there what I say is just my opinion based on my many years of watching AMVs and nothing else. So if you get upset or don't like what I have to say too bad since its my opinion and its my Blog,with my words being meant to be a constructive assistance and a means for those gifted artists out there to get the recognition that they deserve.

To start I will explain to you, what to me is a good AMV?

A good AMV can be done a couple of ways though mostly there are two main ways.

1: Is that you sync up the mouth movements of the anime to match up with the vocals of the song. This can either be just one particular anime or a mix of many animes together.

2: the second is to just make a video where the scenes and actions within the anime sync up to the beat or the emotional representation of the song. These are may favorite since to me music is a huge part of our lives and if you can make a video that out does the original by a mile well then you are truly talented.

To demonstrate this I am posting a video that kind of does a bit of the two. More of the second then the first.

The Song is 'I like it' by Enrique Iglesias (feat. Pitbull) the creator is darkkittyluver16.

You will see in this video how the movements of the characters sync up perfectly with the song. It is shorter then the actual song but I feel that it more then makes up for it as being so well done and with some of the best syncing I have seen for this song. 

Well that is my first review of what I think is a good AMV. Expect another tomorrow and be sure to show your support to not only me but the artist who took their time to make that video for us to enjoy.