Sunday, September 19, 2010

Buckle your seat belts!

Well hello all you people out there in the internet world! This is my first official Blog post to the restarting of my Blog. Going in a different direction this time and focusing on something that has become a bit of a obsession with me. AMVs or animated music videos for those of you out there who did not know what that stood for. But yes AMV's and all of their animated goodness shall be the focus of my blog, where I will search the net find some totally awesome ones and even some not so awesome ones and give my critique of them.

Bare in mind all you people out there what I say is just my opinion based on my many years of watching AMVs and nothing else. So if you get upset or don't like what I have to say too bad since its my opinion and its my Blog,with my words being meant to be a constructive assistance and a means for those gifted artists out there to get the recognition that they deserve.

To start I will explain to you, what to me is a good AMV?

A good AMV can be done a couple of ways though mostly there are two main ways.

1: Is that you sync up the mouth movements of the anime to match up with the vocals of the song. This can either be just one particular anime or a mix of many animes together.

2: the second is to just make a video where the scenes and actions within the anime sync up to the beat or the emotional representation of the song. These are may favorite since to me music is a huge part of our lives and if you can make a video that out does the original by a mile well then you are truly talented.

To demonstrate this I am posting a video that kind of does a bit of the two. More of the second then the first.

The Song is 'I like it' by Enrique Iglesias (feat. Pitbull) the creator is darkkittyluver16.

You will see in this video how the movements of the characters sync up perfectly with the song. It is shorter then the actual song but I feel that it more then makes up for it as being so well done and with some of the best syncing I have seen for this song. 

Well that is my first review of what I think is a good AMV. Expect another tomorrow and be sure to show your support to not only me but the artist who took their time to make that video for us to enjoy.


  1. *hugs* Hello Wolfy-love. I love the concept of what you are doing and this will be a very interesting blog.

  2. Omg... Thx 4 da review...I luv ur blog n' appreciate that you like it too. It took days to find the perfect anime to go with the song, I would make longer but there are a lot of things going on home, so I made a shorter verision. Thx for blogging my video to the world