Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Linkin Park

Well I missed the whole posting once a day thing by one minute. Curse you RockBand for being so much fun to play! But anyway since Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands, with lyrics that go very well with many different animes I think that I will spend the next day or two on them if people don't mind? Probably try to incorporate them with some of the other suggestions/requests to see what I can find out there in the Internet world.

Ok going to start you guys off with an awesome AMV done by eyeofoblivion who uses the linkin park song New Divide syncing it rather well to the movie Final Fantasy Advent Children. I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did.

The next AMV that I bring to you is one done by EricByakugan who uses fight scene from Naruto syncing it up rather well to Linkin Park's In the End. The words and emotion of the song work perfectly for the scene that is played out and I think you will all agree with me there once you see the video. So please watch and enjoy.


  1. Really never liked final fantasy >.<

  2. I have seen so many Linkin Park AMVs I have completely burnt myself out on them. I was just pleasantly surprised that a DBZ/LP AMV wasn't posted.

    No offence

  3. @splash87- Well people asked for them so I post them. I will try to get something new and not seen before to freshen things up a bit.