Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ninja Scroll and robzombie

Well next on the list of AMV's to find and show to you are those containing RobZombie and Ninja scroll. Taking the advice of a fellow blogger and follower I will post only two now in this entry and then more in another entry. Keep those browsers from slowing down too much. Warning as usual these videos are rather graphic.

This first one that I am about to show you is pretty good the ainme and the music sync up very well and makes for a very enjoyable video to watch.

Next video is also good with a bit of nudity thrown in there to spice it ;) So please enjoy.


  1. Ahh Ninja Scroll, brings back some old memories, watched it when I was like 12, kinda scarred me a bit haha

  2. Ninja scroll - my first experience with anime sex. Oh Blockbuster, thanks for letting me rent that all those years ago.

  3. great song and amv, thanks for sharing..

  4. this is one of my more favorite blog posts from you :)

  5. Have you ever watched any of Rob's movies?

  6. Anything with Rob Zombie in it is a win for me...except his movies though, they blow.

    I wanna see a mashup of anime and "Tarzan Boy".
    Not that would be something XD