Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here are the answers!

The answers to your questions are brought to you by CheerUp2 who made that awesomely short amv to the Like a G6 song. Hope you all enjoy the answers. Here is one of her latest videos to watch/listen to while you read her answers to your questions.

1.)Mute Fox- um well i use to use veoh to download my clips of anime and i usually download animes i like or would like to use in a amv and my favorite to edit with is shugo chara :D but now i have "HyperCam" and i can record anything i want say like i see a episode on youtube and im OH I WANNA USE THAT then i can just record :)

2.)Allan!- well im usually a fast worker with amvs. but i usually spend one day working on it but if the video is long or has many effects it takes like 2 days but if my video has a clip that i wanna mask and that usually takes up most of my time like some clips are 3 seconds long but take 2 days to mask its a long prosces @.@ but it all pays off

3.)Naj- 4 hours - max 3 days

4.)Nie Mand- i use Sony Vegas 8 people are usually supised that i dont use other programs like FX but its all sony vegas baby! ^o^

5.)Colin B- uhh wat makes a good song uhh i just pick ones that i like say i here a song on a raido and then i think of the effects and animes i wanna use so bascially watever i feel like

6.)Indie0987- how much time? usually a day or so and i use sony vegas 8 and i pick the song first and then i go into a file of mine and pick which animes i wanna use :3

7.)Splash87- what inspired me? uhh well i love anime and i saw other videos on youtube how people made them into videos and i was OMG i wanna try 8D and i started out with WMM and pictures XP but now look at me and i think ITS SO FUN but some times i F-EN HATE SONY VEGAS DX cause the one amv im working on right now every 5 secs it freezes and i have to open the file back open which takes a hour -_- evilll but sometimes everything works out perfect and i have a blast then i get into a good mood and start dancing while making it MWAHAHA

8.)Sparrow- OMG YESH >:D i usually here a song and while i listen i think of anime and effects that would go perfect with it and i see a sence in a anime the im OH SNAP I HAVE A IDEA and then i start the amv and i have a certen file that i have all my clips in then i pick wat i want from that file so its very easy and i dont have to cut clips every time

9.) When? i dont the date but uhhh at least 1 or 2 years ago

10.) because i saw videos on youtube and i wanted to try and because i LOVE ANIME DUHHH XD

11.) yes i plan to keep making amvs for a long time its my life i love it so much <3 and i hope to get better programs to make my effects alot better

12.) my other hobbies drawing anime thats wat i wanna do when im older ANIME ARTIST!!! >:D and i watch anime and read manga play with my 2 dogs, text my friends and just surff the net im a noob 8D PROUD TO BE IT

OMG I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL <3 i never thought i would be interviewed TEEHEE this means alot i hope u all try to make amvs even if u think your bad dont worry i use to SUCK SO BAD but now im alot better :D so just try and i hope i answered the questions good!!!


  1. Great post! Thanks for the edificationings!

  2. Nice work :) Glad to see your helping others in the community. Always love hearing from you on my posts!

  3. Got my questions answered, awesome! I tried to make a amv a few years back, but it ended in disaster after I got frustrated and deleted everything.

  4. wow, thanks for taking the time to answer all of those questions!

  5. interesting video

  6. I love Vegas. lol I would probably spend way more than 3 days making an AMV if i tried to make it good >.<

  7. Hurray, Sony Vegas. One of my tools of the trade as well.